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On this occasion I would like to introduce a good standard of decentralization and thus will generate new breakthroughs to register from blockchain technology. Blockchain has become the backbone to generate new projects or innovations for the future era. and even today, the full potential of this great innovation has not been fully exploited due to its breadth. Even so, there are still important advances and the cryptocurrencies formed from this technology continue to gain recognition and adoption by all industries to improve the financial system and fulfill the desires of the people. With all of this, there still needs to be a level of control, and solutions, needed to drive effectiveness, system immutability, and transparency. However, the functionality of the blockchain has not yet reached its full potential, there is still a lot for developers to do for the blockchain to reach its full potential. Therefore, XIRCUS came to solve the problem.

Therefore, Xircus believes that this is the best place to communicate, provide and support the most demanding customers.

About Xircus

Xircus is the first multi-chain gamified platform that allows users to create and expand custom NFT markets. Xircus users can create a personalized NFT trading platform for free. A powerful, unique and automated tool that empowers artists, influencers, content creators, collectors and brands by enabling them to create a personalized NFT marketplace, Xircus is a pan-dimensional gateway to the non-exchangeable world of digital assets. Our decentralized software as a service (DSaaS) model makes the platform accessible to everyone. It is an easy, secure, time efficient and cost effective way to develop a private marketplace for your NFT.

Feature Xircus

Spread In Minutes : No development experience is required to implement your own NFT marketplace where makers and collectors can buy and sell their NFT items

Free Technology : Building and securing technology infrastructure is expensive, time-consuming, and messy if not done right. building complex smart contracts can also add to the cost. We only provide it for you.

Start Local, Get Global : Develop your market locally with global reach, we help cross-promote with other markets to introduce culture and creativity from different countries and regions

Your Own Ecosystem : Spread your community’s NFT marketplace locally and welcome creators and collectors from your community, other NFT marketplaces and from around the world

Use Any Token : Use any standard ERC20/BEP20 token, pair it with some stable token from the decentralized exchange of your choice like PancakeSwap for BSC and Uniswap for Ethereum

Customizable UI : Choose from the available user interfaces we provide, customize and configure the feel and look of your community NFT marketplace Integrate our frontend library with your existing codebase written in React, NextJS, Vue and Angular to connect with our platform

What is unique about the developed Xircus platform? Surprisingly, thanks to a whole year of hard work, the Xircus protocol was developed to create the #nft platform. I would like to note that not only created NFT, but created the entire NFT platform, of which you will become the owner of this NFT platform. In fact, you become the administrator of your NFT platform, and all this is offered for free. Of course, this allows you to save a lot of money and start your own business based on NFT. It should also be added here that although the Xircus platform was originally created with a focus on #BinanceSmartChain, it is still multi-platform allowing the use of different blockchain protocols, which makes Xircus even more attractive. For more information, I suggest you refer to the Xircus whitepaper, where you can learn more and make the decision to join the platform faster.

The Xircus platform also has its own XMT token, which is a utility token and an integral part of all applications in the Xircus ecosystem. Also, the token has support for DeFi applications and provides an opportunity to earn rewards. For me, Xircus is a very important platform that can provide me with a number of great opportunities and I would not miss the opportunity to take advantage of them. Thanks to all the functionality of Xircus and the capabilities of the platform, Xircus can be called useful for the entire crypto industry, and even more so for the DeFi and NFT markets, as Xircus produces real and unique products that help people, and also contribute to the greater adoption of crypto in the world.

NFT market dApps in no time

Xircus is the ultimate platform for all those who are currently losing a significant percentage of their profits to the third party NFT market. With Xircus, they can actively create a dedicated NFT marketplace and sell non-exchangeable digital assets directly to their fans and followers. Our conservative estimates suggest the Xircus could save NFT makers about $600 million in one year of launch.

Moreover, by democratizing access to tokenization and NFT trading, the platform will empower all, be it individuals, brands, experts, startups (blockchain), or celebrities/influencers.

What makes us special?

Xircus is special, it is the first platform that allows users to create an NFT marketplace that they own and control. Furthermore, cross-chain compatibility ensures the platform supports all EVM-compatible protocols. With the project tested live and the market already implemented, we are ready to launch. The platform is backed by a native utility token which has several direct applications within the Xircus ecosystem. It also features a Defi powered token economy with rewards. Although initially, we have built the Binance Smart chain due to its low gas fees and fast transaction times, Xircus supports multi-chain deployment to various blockchain protocols such as Polkadot, Solana, flow, and other blockchains compatible with EVM.



Xircus creates the most transparent, secure and trusted platform for crypto investors to smoothly profit while we do the work. We have carefully configured the settings for all your trading needs and bring you the most innovative trading experience in the most intuitive way.

For more information project Xircus:

Website : https://xircus.app/
Facebook : https://facebook.com/xircusnft
Twitter : https://twitter.com/xircusnft
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljy1Y7cl748M2fc2bUiFMg
Telegram : https://t.me/xircusnft
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/xircusnft


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